Ladies and gentlemen, the IUD is officially out, or as The Husband put it “the safety is off” – I didn’t know he thought of me as a loaded weapon, but it seems appropriate. I guess this means we’re officially trying to get pregnant. Not right this second, obviously, because I’m writing, but, you know, we’ll be doing it an awful lot in the near future. I know, just what you wanted to hear. YOU’RE WELCOME. Also, I’m healthy and everything looks good. Unless of course the… um… pap comes back abnormal.  I know, I said it, I did. Sorry about it. Wait ’til I get pregnant and I describe all of the accompanying bodily processes in great detail. Bwah ha ha!

In other news, that place that sent me a rejection email (excuse me, TWO IDENTICAL rejection emails) called yesterday to offer me a job. Luckily I had already reconciled with The Universe how I felt about it and I called him back to say “no thanks”. I didn’t even lie!  I was totally going to make up that I was already pregnant and didn’t think now was a good time to change jobs and then suddenly I realized, duh, I don’t have to take a job just because it’s offered. It is perfectly fine for me to call and say “sorry dude”.  I don’t know how many times I’ve made something up just to save somebody’s feelings. “Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t come to your wedding reception, I’m having a kidney transplant that day”. What is my problem? Is it the Mormon thing that causes the guilt and suffering every time I feel like I’m disappointing somebody else?  Or is just an Anjeanette thing?