Sorry if it seems like I’ve disappeared. My life is too boring to write about. Nothing ever happens around here. Plus I got sucked into the Oscars last night and couldn’t do anything else. I even watched like 2 hours of pre-show bullshit – glammed up stars answering stupid ass questions like “what are the nominees thinking RIGHT NOW?” – I liked Sandra Bullock’s “gosh I have no idea what they’re thinking right now” because DUH. The only response more appropriate than that one would have been “well I know what I’m thinking right now, you’re a colossal moron!” I haven’t watched the Academy Awards since 2007, because when the universe converted to DTV I was too lazy and broke to buy a converter, not to mention I didn’t really watch enough television that it made a difference. Have I missed having TV for the past 3 years?  Not really. I mean, obviously I missed the Oscars, and when the Olympics were happening I was bummed that I didn’t get to see any of it, because I love me some Olympics. And I admit, I have missed watching Jeopardy YES JEOPARDY go ahead and judge. I don’t know what pushed me over the edge yesterday – the chance to see Natalie Portman’s baby bump? The fact that I’d actually seen about half of the nominated movies? Mr. Darcy Colin Firth in a tux? Whatever – I wanted to watch so we found a cheap converter on craigslist. Anyway, on to my boring life. Today I was texting back and forth with my mom and she announced that she is very excited about the impending birth of her granddaughter. No you haven’t missed anything, I’m not pregnant yet. I want to be, wish I was, and hope that it happens very soon, but I’m not yet. I mentioned to her that it might be a boy – statistically speaking the chances are 50-50. She responded “nope, it’s gonna be a girl”. Followed by twin boys. Eighteen months after the birth of the daughter. Apparently The Universe has been speaking to her. My clairvoyant mother is cursing me with many babies in a very short time period. She might not be that far off, it does run in the family. My mom’s brother was born a little over a year after her first birthday (I think. Something close to it anyway),  my little brother was born two days before my first birthday (he came home from the hospital on my birthday and according to witnesses I slapped him in the face – parents take heed, a little brother is not the greatest birthday present of all time), and my aunt had babies a year apart as well. So, there’s that. On the bright side, I’ve been warned so at least I’ll be prepared in advance for the plethora of babies headed my way. YAYSUS.