My computer had to go to the doctor. If you have a macbook you’re aware of the screen problem where suddenly, without warning it shuts off. Not very helpful when you’re trying to view things on it. Also, the cd/dvd burner is busted. I’ve been holding out for a very long time, what with my new found Scroogesque, money misering philosophy, but it finally got to a level of ridiculous that even I had to notice, so off mac went to some place in Texas,  hopefully to get fixed and last a few more months so I don’t have to buy a new one. That, my friends, is why I haven’t posted since Friday (or whenever the hell it was) and until I get my baby back, I’ll be stuck updating on my lunch break. Which is where I am now. Eating my “healthy” (who do they think they’re fooling?) frozen dinner, catching up on my internet stories and wondering which crappy movies I’ll be getting in the mail in a couple of days because I forgot to update my netflix queue. And yes, I still get the goddamn dvds in the mail because I don’t pay for the interwebs at my house and can’t do the streaming thing. Don’t get me started on technology and how I can’t afford it and don’t really care because half the time I wonder when it’s all going to come to a crashing halt and cause the apolcalypse. Um, yeah. Moving on. Can I just say I’m bored? With work, with life, with winter. Yes. Bored. It’s time to move on already. Dear Universe, I am ready for spring. Or something else new and exciting (hint: a baby would totally count). Anyway – lunch break is short so my posts this week will be too.  Today I’d just like to say, valentine’s day is a stupid holiday made up by a certain greeting card company. And I’m not saying this because I’m a fat, bitter, single 30 something. If you will remember, I am a fat, bitter, MARRIED 30 something. And AND quite in love with my husband. Instead of exchanging pink, heart-shaped cards and/or candy and/or expecting expensive jewelery (ladies, who the hell are you kidding with this? really? REALLY?) he will be rehearsing and I will be reading Rhett Butler’s People (which is turning out to be much better than I expected). Maybe if he gets home early enough we’ll practice our baby making skills. Whoops! I said it.