Would you still read me if I moved back over to blogspot? Because I’m not really liking this wordpress format. I’m mulling it over. Final decision this weekend.

The Husband didn’t get that job that he really thought he’d get. Which isn’t to say that he won’t get another one, but the anxiety is overwhelming. For me, not him. I mean, he’s worried, but I don’t think he feels it in every fiber of his being, like I do.

And yet, I still think I’m going to move forward with baby plans. Does that make me insane? I can pay all of our bills right now, it’s just really tight. I have health insurance. We’ll have 9 whole months after conception to figure shit out. And, who knows how long it will take to get pregnant anyway?  Yes – forward march with the baby plans. Fuck it.

Moving? Thoughts? I may soon be a mommy blogger anyway, so maybe y’all won’t want to read my shit anyway. And now the glitch in my macbook that causes the screen to blink off is happening again, so I’ll say adieu, and get back to you on that.