No, it’s not a total lunar eclipse or Halley’s comet. The Husband and I get to hang out together tonight! Okay, it’s not that rare and probably nobody but us would consider it beautiful, but lately I feel like we only see each other for 15 minutes a day, whereas we used to work together – had lunch with each other every day, drove to and from the office together, had the same schedule.  Then he quit his job. This week he isn’t working so when I leave the house in the morning he’s barely awake. Plus he’s had a lot of rehearsals and gigs this month so a full evening together is whoa, so awesome. Especially considering this Sunday is my sister’s birthday, the one brother who doesn’t live here is coming in for the weekend and I’m sure we’ll be busy with fun, family events (none of which involve the Super Bowl – praise The Universe that none of the men in my life are sports fans. I think we’re going to The Chinese Garden and then some place for dim sum. Mmm… dim sum… ). And a weekend filled with family togetherness = not so much with the alone time. I guess what I’m saying is I’ve missed the guy, so I’m not going to linger on this post. I promise a long, boring post soon about all of the information I’ve obsessively gathered about fertility and pregnancy and an update on The Husband’s quest to find the perfect CC DeVille wig (speaking of rare and beautiful…).