It’s Groundhog Day!  And how are you spending it? Me: eating ramen and watching whatever movie I can find in the drawer. The Husband: playing a gig at a pub where he will undoubtedly get paid in food. Punxsutawney Phil: wondering why the hell all those freaks are staring at him. I could go to the gig if I wanted, but it’s cold and I’m tired. Plus, the PMS is actually in charge, and it won’t let me do anything but eat candy and have mood swings. I’m hoping this is one of the last PMSs I have to suffer for a while. In case you missed it, I would like to get knocked up sometime this year and while we haven’t actually started trying I’m hoping when we do that it happens lightning fast. Wishful thinking you say? If I’m anything like the women in my family it’ll happen in the first month. Fingers crossed!

Back to Groundhog Day, At least the little rat is predicting an early spring. Which of course, in Portland means late May instead of early June, but whatever, I’ll take it. I know I don’t have much to complain about right now because while most of the country is covered in record breaking snow and ice, the sun is out in Portland. It’s cold, but it’s not raining, and that, folks, is a miracle.

P.S. apparently PETA wants Phil replaced by a robot. I’m not commenting. Just passing on the news. I’d also like to add that all of the Groundhog hoopla happens in a little place called Gobbler’s Knob. Again, not commenting. Just laughing like Beavis and Butthead.