I created this blog as a way to write everyday. I posted my intentions so that I would be accountable to someone other than me, thereby increasing the odds that I wouldn’t just give up. I give up on myself all of the time, but having told The Internet that I’ll put words here everyday, I kind of have to. Then I noticed that wordpress was hosting the postaday2011 thing and I thought “hey, I’ll sign up for that, it’ll be fun”. So far I have used only one of their suggestions for a post topic and I don’t even post my entries in their category everyday, so I guess I’m not truly participating, but I am writing everyday, and that’s the important part. I am, however, still subscribing to their blog, so I get their ideas and suggestions emailed to me everyday, and I’ve noticed that they keep telling me the same thing over and over, or linking to other blog experts who keep saying it too: make your blog about something very specific, and then stick to it when writing. I guess that’s a sure fire way to get lots of readers who keep coming back. For example, make your blog about cooking and then write about cooking everyday, posting recipes and pictures of your creations. Make your blog about speaking french, and then write about french everyday, conjugating verbs and using present participle twice removed tense (that’s not a real verb tense, in case you were wondering). Well, I hate to break the news to you my friends, but my blog is not about something specific. You never know what you’re going to get, because until I sit down at my computer I don’t know what I’m going to write about. Oh sometimes I’ll have little ideas during the day, occasionally I even write those down, and even more occasionally I actually write about those things. Usually, though, I open the macbook and whatever I’m thinking about right then is what goes onto the screen. Sometimes it’s a movie review, sometimes a quote from Winnie the Pooh, and sometimes a ranting diatribe about ridiculous things I saw on the internet. Mostly it’s a bit of a personal journal for me. A place to put my thoughts when I either don’t want them up here *pointing to head* or I just want to share them with you. Let the wild rumpus begin.

I realize I took a pass yesterday on writing, so I’ll give you a brief update. This weekend we got our tax refund. Which means that we stuffed a grand into my savings account – we officially have our Dave Ramsey approved emergency fund. Step one complete! I also got a ticket to Utah – home to visit mom and grandma. My grandmother lives in a tiny little place called Ferron. Seriously, the whole city is 2.2 square miles, population 1,600. There’s absolutely nothing to do there except hang out and chat and sometimes that is all you need. That and cookies,which I’m sure can be arranged. End of April, home to Utah. I’m so looking forward to it. Today while I was at work The Husband cleaned the house, set up the Wii Fit for me to use and practiced his guitar. No job yet, but he’ll find out about one tomorrow. My brother who lives in Wyoming is coming to visit next weekend, so all four of us Alldredge siblings will be in the same place at the same time, Portland beware. I think that’s about all… Okay, on to bigger and better things.

Remember the baby fever I ranted about a few whiles ago? Right here, as a matter of fact. Well, the husband and I talked and talked, thought, went to our respective corners to rest and then talked some more. Ultimately we came to the Very Important Decision that yes, now is as good a time as any to start trying for a kid. That’s right, NOW. We were going to keep it a secret until we were safely pregnant (you know, through the first trimester – that’s when most of the miscarriages occur), but since he spilled the beans to his mom yesterday, I think it’s only fair that I tell my mom (hi mom!) which I did earlier today, and then break the news to my random blog readers (hi blog readers!). So. We’re going to start trying. I have an appointment in 4 weeks for a check-up (meaning a pap smear and lady parts check) to make sure all of the plumbing is in working order and hopefully to remove the chastity belt IUD, and then away we go (you all know what comes after that, so I won’t elaborate ). Since coming to this monumentous decision I’ve been googling all sorts of things pertaining to pregnancy (how long it takes to get pregnant in your 30s, how dangerous it is to have a baby at my age, what can you do to increase your chances of conception), calculating when I would have a baby were I to get pregnant in March, April, May etc, and formulating plots about how I would buy baby stuff second hand. In other words, totally jumping the gun. But don’t tell The Husband. He doesn’t do gun jumping and he frowns upon it. Oh! And! If I do get pregnant, I’m sure my blog will become a whole lot more specific. So, there you go, postaday2011 writers.