I don’t want to write today. I realized this when I kept putting it off. Oh I’ll do it when we get home from having the car worked on. Oh, I’ll do it after I watch this movie. Oh, I’ve got to do laundry. When you realize you’re using laundry as an excuse to avoid something you normally like doing, you gotta wonder why. Probably because it’s hard to want to do things when you’ve told yourself you must do things. And by you I mean me. I committed to writing here EVERY DAY in 2011. And it’s only the 29th day of the year. Thank god it’s not an effing leap year! But seriously, it’s a weekend, and I’d like to get back to sitting on my arse, watching silly movies and reading a delightful book my boss lent me, so this’ll be short. The Husband and I got up early to drop off Rusty, my Hyundai, who was way overdue for his 30,000 mile service. I’m usually not big on car maintenance, but I’m not buying a new one ever again, so I’m going to make this one last as long as I can. It was a big job, requiring 4 hours, and we only have the one car. The man at the counter said “so, do you guys have a ride? Or you just going to wander around?” – he honestly looked shocked when we said we were going to wander around. The car dealership is just down the street from a delightful bookstore, a huge Goodwill store and a movie theater, but I realize this is America – land of the fat and home of the lazy, so his shock wasn’t shocking. But we did wander and it was quite fun. We got breakfast at this crazy diner. They’re obsessed with all things bear. I can’t possibly describe it with enough detail to make you understand, just trust me when I say they’re out of control with the bears. But the food is all right, and the people are actually pleasant – none of that bored, rude hipster bullshit that I’ve grown so tired of. The bookstore wasn’t busy yet because not many other folks venture out at 8:30 on a Saturday morning, so we could actually sit in chairs (normally they’re taken) and flip through magazines, read silly books, chat with each other. Oh, and I found a birthday card for my grandmother. Then we headed to Goodwill. I’m not sure if it depends on the day of the week or on your attitude, but I actually found some good stuff today – the last few visits have been stinkers. Everything I bought was green. I like the color green, it bring out my eyes. I wear it a lot. So much so that a co-worker has noticed it and now everyday when I open my closet I find myself thinking”did I wear a green sweater yesterday?” – because if I did I can’t wear another one today, right?  But today as I gazed at my cart full of cheery, green items I thought about all of the people I know who wear black everyday. Is it because black is basic? That makes it okay?  I don’t really care for black, I think it’s boring and stupid. So green is my basic color. And I refuse to feel ashamed of who I am. I like the color green. And Phil Collins. I eat entirely too much junk food. I sing loudly when alone in my car. One of my greatest joys in life is finding and reading a delightful book. And I cry at sappy movies. So ha!

Enjoy your weekend my friends.