Good lord am I bored. I stayed home sick today (see yesterday’s post about GI distress – ugh). So what, free day off, right?  Except it’s not a day off so much as a day in prison. My mom used to say she felt like she was in the Twilight Zone when she was home sick. You don’t go out, you don’t interact with anyone, you just sit at home watching all of the X-Men movies and snuggling with the kitties and by the end of the day you start to wonder if there’s anybody else out there. What if the apocalypse happened while you were on the couch (and it magically skipped you, yes I see the holes in the plot line) and now it’s just you and the kitties?  Luckily with the advent of texting and the internet, I didn’t slip into that weird zone. I know that my sister is still alive and I just talked to The Husband. And all of my facebook friends seem to be functioning – is that how we’ll know that the end of the world has come? Facebook will stop functioning? Good lord! I can’t update my status! Something is definitely wrong! Does that make Mark Zuckerberg God?

Unfortunately, The Husband  has rehearsal for one of his bands tonight and won’t be home for a few hours yet, so I guess there’s still time to lose it. No matter, I still have the kitties and one more movie – the one that’s all about Wolverine, my favorite. Don’t tell anyone, but if I ever have a son, he’ll probably be named Logan. What? You don’t have any silly crushes? On fictional characters? With claws and ridiculous hair? My true favorite is Mr. Darcy, but I ain’t tryin to name my kid Fitzwilliam. Imagine the horrors that kid would experience at school.

I used to watch daytime television when I was home sick – you know, catch up on the soaps, check in with Ellen and Oprah, but I don’t have television now. I opted out of the digital conversion – mostly because I refuse to pay that much money just to watch my stories, but partially because I figured it’s not so much of a tragedy to miss out on what TV has become. Anyway – no soaps for me. And back to work tomorrow thank god. Maybe I’ll have something better to write about than my ailments and wild imagination.