I believe when I started this joint I reserved the right to have days where I only wrote one sentence. Or one word. This won’t be much more than that.

1 – my dad is on facebook. sign of the apocalypse? you decide.

2 – my mom reads my blog now (hi mom!) and she thinks I have a way with words. By which I assume she means she’s proud of the way that I’m able to successfully use The F Word as almost all of the different parts of speech (speaking of grammar, this girl at work got a new white board the other day and I was all like ooo! you could diagram sentences on that! She and her cubicle mate stared at me like my face was made of spiders. How did I get so nerdy?)

3 – The Husband has an audition for a Poison tribute band tonight. Listening to him practice all week is probably what it will be like to have a teenager. Only the music will suck. And I’ll be able to storm in and shout “turn that down!” Incidentally, I don’t think I’m cool enough to be married to someone in a rock band.

4 – **warning: excessive TMI** I’ve done something to upset my GI system. Why does it have to be so sensitive? Why does my everything have to be so sensitive? Bright lights burn my eyes, loud noises turn me into a homicidal maniac, if someone in the grocery store has offensive body odor (and really, who doesn’t in Portland nowadays?) I can smell it the minute I walk in. My mom said I was sensitive even when I was a child. Maybe I’m a super hero, currently wasting my potential.

5 – I’m giving up caffeine. Starting tomorrow. So for the upcoming schnoozer posts, I apologize.

The End