Y’all, I am feeling so much better today.  I don’t know if it’s because of the OH MY GOD SUN! (picture me doing jazz hands as I say that) or because of a subtle (and purposeful) tweak in my ‘tude, but today I feel like a different person than I did last weekend. Last Sunday I spent most of the day alone (with the bitchy lunatic) and I felt very crazy. It’s an eerie feeling, one that I’m not so fond of.  I feel myself slipping into it occasionally and luckily I’ve never sunk all the way down, because I have a feeling that’s a scary hell that I do NOT want to visit. Speaking of hell, we watched a movie called Devil this morning about a bunch of people trapped in an elevator with the devil. They all died, it was very dramatic. And semi dumb. And a little bit boring. M. Night Shyamalan, you’ve lost your touch. It was better than The Last Windbreaker or whatever his previous pile of shit was called. And the one before that, The Happening? Not so happening. ANYWAY, (geez, my penchant for tangents, it’s a good thing I’m not a teacher) this weekend I’m feeling normal again. Maybe the post Crazy Pills blues has worn off, maybe I waited out the storm long enough. Maybe squinting against the sun for the first time in months is filling my heart with gladness. Whatever it is, hallefuckinglujah.

We filed our taxes today and the refund shall be sufficient enough to furnish our $1000.00 emergency fund (a la Dave Ramsey) and have a little extra. I will probably use my portion of the extra to pay off another credit card (I just clapped and shrieked a little when I said that – I should really get out more), though I’m slightly tempted to buy something silly. But then, I can’t think of anything so getting rid of stupid debt is obviously the way to go. Zero debt plus savings account equals HOLY SHIT WHO AM I?  In a good way. It’s so bizarre, I’ve lived with debt for so long and just thought “meh, it’s a way of life” but now the thoughts of never having a car payment or buying anything on credit makes me want to dance a jig. Maybe I will!

We (me and The Husband) had a nice chat today about Our Future and where we’re going and how and when and yes, it included babies and we didn’t decide anything definite but it made me realize that my tendency to stay up in my head and not talk about stuff is a really shitty tendency. I should never assume anything and get made or sad based on those assumptions. Talking is good y’all – take it from me. Apparently I can put The Husband on my insurance right away, which I was afraid wouldn’t be the case. And AND he already has a job interview on Tuesday. A job he might actually enjoy.

What a boring post for yous guys to read, but hey – I share when life is shit, I gotta share when life is good too. Right?  Even more boring – I’m craving fruits and vegetables. Not candy. And I might put on my workout clothes and go for a walk! Who are you, and what have you done with Anjeanette?