I’ve been feeling all wishy washy lately – days where I’ll wake up in a panic and think “did I really get married?” and days where I’m like “hooray! look at the pretty wedding pictures! let’s have babies!”.  Relationships are hard, you don’t have to be married to know that, but somehow getting married made everything more frightening for me. Like, now I’m trapped so I must be a drama queen and find a reason to run. Yes, I know, what a douche, right? It’s probably something about my upbringing – The Staggering Legacy of Divorce in my family (it’s a whole big thing that goes back generations and someday I plan to write a book about it), but rather than analyze the shit out of it and try to figure everything out RIGHT NOW TODAY like I usually do,  I’m going to remember that I married him for a reason and for my short post today I shall make a list of things that I love about him, and then call it good because I’m hungry and it’s movie watching time. So – no particular order, stream of consciousness, just some of the reasons I love my husband.

1 – he’s very positive and optimistic. sometimes it makes me want to kick him, but usually it’s a good foil for the little black rain cloud that is Anjeanette.

2 – he deals with all of the car bullshit. I hate everything having to do with cars and in a perfect world I wouldn’t need one.

3 – he’s very ambitious. the man has a dream and will pursue it until the day he dies. he knows what he loves to do and he attacks it every day of his life.

4 – his family is fabulous. he likes them, which is always a good sign, and they like me, which is also a good sign.

5 – even though I’ve gained 30lbs he still thinks I’m pretty.

6 – he’s honest. nothing I hate worse than a liar.

7 – he’s funny. I need funny.

8 – he’s patient. No matter how many times I scream at him for the same thing, he still stays married to me.

9 – he’s hot in the sack. shh. I know you didn’t want to read that one. but it’s important.

10 – he eats anything I cook, even if it’s not fabulous. and he always says “thanks for cooking”.

11 – he loves my kitties. and he tells them so.

12 – he doesn’t love sports. honestly, I dated guys who loved sports and I just couldn’t see wasting that much time on a football game. every goddamn week.

13 – he likes movies, especially horror movies as much as I do.

14 – he loves music and has introduced me to some kick ass stuff that otherwise I would never have discovered (see as evidence Fishtank Ensemble and Hot Club of Cowtown).

15 – he doesn’t judge me for having The Depression and The Anxiety. he sometimes gets tired of it, but never really judges.

16 – he likes my family, and they like him. My little brother lived with us for like 6 months in the beginning of our relationship (yes, we moved in together like 5 minutes after we started dating) and there was lots of video games and horrible movies and fun. And he chats with and entertains my 80 year old, kooky grandmother with nary a complaint, every time she’s in town.

17 – he’s as big of a nerd as me. we collect classic video games and systems and we even went to a gaming convention. and he doesn’t fuss when I watch every single Star Wars movies in one weekend.

18 – he took me to the prom. I never went to my high school prom and I remember telling someone once that my soulmate would figure out a way to take me to the prom. and he did. it was an 80s prom too, which made it even more flippin’ sweet.

19 – his candy love is as great as mine, which is actually good and bad. bad because we enable one another, good because he’s never said “you eat candy everyday?” with a horrified grimace and judging eyes.

20 – he’s been putting up with my shit for 2 years and I think he might do it forever.