By the way, does it irritate you that there’s an exclamation point at the end of Yahoo!? Like they expect you to shout it every time you say it?  Well, I’m not gonna.

Today I’m wrestling with a flu bug, and so far it’s winning. I sat down here and couldn’t think of a thing to write about – I’ve been pretty pensive about some personal things and I think it’s sucking up most of my brain power, but I’m not really ready to publicly disclose them so instead I was wading through the vast ocean of the internet (it’s called procrastinating, in case you were wondering) in the hopes of finding some inspiration, but I’m still coming up short.  So, welcome to my probably rambling, possibly boring, January 14th post.

Some updates, for those who were wondering: Firstly, The Catastrophic Death Storm of 2011 (which, by the way, amounted to nothing) has gone on it’s merry way and the temperature has risen slightly. The trade-off is that now it’s raining and it’ll go on for days. I don’t really like the rain. Way to go on the move to the Pacific Northwest, AJ. That was a solid decision (as are most in my life). Secondly, we still haven’t found Mousey Mouse, but Lenny seems to be moving on, by which I mean he has all but taken over The Other Mouse from Carl. My plan is to search this apartment high and low this weekend, it has to be around here somewhere. Thirdly, I’m still fat and depressed and wrestling with both of those issues.

Speaking of working on issues, I emailed back and forth with a good friend today and realized how much I miss him. I don’t have a lot of friends, generally, because I suck at being one. I abhor the phone so I can’t be relied upon to call anyone. I’m uncomfortable, generally, with sharing any personal information or feelings with people unless I’m related to them or I’ve known them for a really long time. I mean, I’ll share inappropriate amounts of what seems like personal information (um, see previous blog entries), but there’s a whole mountain of stuff inside here that not a lot of people have seen. So it was nice to chat (albeit electronically) about some things that have been sticking in my craw lately (what the fuck does that even mean? is it a bird thing?) and to not have to go into a lot of back story to explain my shit, because he already knows the back story. Plus he’s wicked funny and made me laugh a lot. Which, you know, my boss appreciates because it makes me seem like I’m working really hard.

Annnnnnnd I’m spent. I really am. I apologize that this post is poo poo, they can’t all be winners. I’ll try to get some sleep tonight and post something witty and intelligent tomorrow.

Peace out.


stick in your craw

1. (old-fashioned) if a situation or someone’s behaviour sticks in your craw, it annoys you, usually because you think it is wrong I do lots of jobs in the house but my brother says I’m lazy, and that really sticks in my craw.
2. (Australian) if someone sticks in your craw, they annoy you She sticks in my craw every time I have to deal with her.
See also: crawstick

stick in your craw

to be unacceptable and therefore annoying to you She went to prison even though she was innocent – that case has stuck in my craw ever since.
Etymology: like something you cannot swallow, based on the literal meaning of craw ( the throat of a bird)
See also: crawstick