dragged on and on like I had been pushed into some sort of abyss and was trapped there, freezing in my cubicle, trying to keep my eyes open and forcing myself not to think how much better life would be if I were home, in pajamas, lounging in front of a movie with some buttery popcorn and a box of Dots. Actually, my jaw is coming unhinged so maybe not Dots…some other type of candy that’s less chewy and more melty. It seems to be all I want to do lately – lounge and watch movies. I’m hoping it’s just a phase, or a winter thing and that I pass through it alive and come out the other side. The past few…okay 5 or 6 winters I’ve been on medication so I don’t know if this winter is miserable different because of the great let’s-try-life-without-crazy-pills experiment, or if it’s different because it’s different. And how does one tell?  All I know is that it feels colder, the weeks feel longer and truly it seems as though it has been winter forever, like in Narnia – only there was a Christmas, so there’s that.

Today the radio personalities that I listen to were talking about “hall passes” in relationships. It means you get to fuck other people. Wow, really? People are okay with this? Because if my husband wants to fuck other people? He should probably divorce me first. I know I was raised Mormon and it colors my every move in this life, though I shed that skin long ago, how could it not? I also know that I’m a Taurus and that we tend toward massive fits of jealous rage when it comes to our mates, but is everybody else okay with this hall pass business? You know, recovering Mormon Tauruses aside.  Because wow. Indeed. I know nobody’s reading my blog, but if y’are and you want to tell me how crazy, old fashioned, mormon and lame I am, go right ahead.

As an aside: there’s supposed to be a catastrophic ice storm in the Portland Vancouver metro and surrounding areas tomorrow night/Wednesday morning. Will it all just be a bunch of hype? Or will it rival that one year where I was trapped in my apartment for 5 days? Stay tuned…