I have 2 large, black tom cats, Lenny and Carl. They are brothers from the same litter (at least that’s what the paperwork at the Humane Society when I rescued them said) but they have very different personalities – Carl is quiet and reserved and hates to be picked up – he hides when strangers come to the door. Lenny on the other hand is curious and meddlesome, always into something and is a giant attention whore – he’d probably rub up on an intruder if one burst through the door. A while back I bought them a bumper pack of toys, which they decided immediately that they did not like to play with and only used them for the catnip inside, rubbing against them affectionately then racing around the house like devil cats. When the nip wore off, the toys were left to gather dust in the corner. All but one little mouse, which Lenny loves. He will chase chase CHASE that thing around the house, crashing into doors, flinging it into the air and scrambling down the hall like a menace until he kicks it somewhere that he can’t reach – under the couch, under the dresser, and then he’ll wander off and fall asleep.  A few days later somebody will find the Mousey Mouse and fling it, and the whole thing starts all over again. Carl usually stands to the side, looking very regal and staring at his brother, rolling his eyes at the stupidity. Yesterday The Husband found a different mouse, smaller and fuzzier and much more mouse-like than Mousey Mouse and threw it. I thought that neither of the cats would be interested because they weren’t before, but Carl? He’s a mad man all of a sudden. He has chased that thing around so much, flinging it and pouncing on it and soccer kicking it and running with it in his teeth, that he has tired himself out. He is now resting on the linoleum panting. “Where is Mousey Mouse?” I wondered to myself, thinking that perhaps Lenny would like to play. He’s not interested in smaller, fuzzier mouse, but keeps looking at Carl like “dude – that looks fun. Sure wish I had a mouse”.  So I searched. And searched and searched. Under the couch, under the dresser – no luck. Under the coffee table, under the other dresser – no luck. On to the ridiculously unlikely places – in a closet, in the grocery bags, under our bed, under the refrigerator, in the cat condo – I have looked in every nook and cranny and the ugly purple mouse is nowhere to be found. I think Lenny knows I’m looking for it as he is now following me around looking at me expectantly with his buggy eyes like “did you find it? did you? DID YOU?” Still, no Mouse Mouse. If you see it, could you let me know?