Apparently today is a day of gun slingin’, horse ridin’, spur wearin’, tobaccy spittin’ cowboys. When I first heard that somebody was remaking True Grit I went on a tirade (me? on a tirade? imagine that!) – why do they keep remaking old movies? Can’t anybody think of anything new? Has every story REALLY already been written?  And why would anybody want to remake True Grit for crying out loud? It’s a fucking John Wayne movie AND it has that lady from Better Off Dead! I laughed. A lot. I was forced to watch this steaming turd of a movie (if it’s your favorite movie I apologize, but COME ON!) in a film class I took at Salt Lake Community College. And what a film class it was. Taught by a man who thought that Star Wars was the greatest movie ever made  – pah! (don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Star Wars fan, but the greatest movie ever made? really?) I worked at a movie theater when the original Star Wars was re-released in all of it’s remastered, stupid-scenes-added glory and that man? My film teacher? He showed up. Waited in line all day. In a frickin’ costume. Back to True Grit – he made us watch it in class as an example of a western. I was not a fan. I’m not a giant fan of westerns in general, they’re all the same with their sweating, spitting cowboys shooting at everything, buxom whores on their laps while they play cards and drink whiskey – you know the drill, but I have been known to sit through a few and not complain too loudly. But True Grit? With it’s cheesy John Wayneness and that silly, little girl who would grow up to be John Cusack’s raisin loving mom in Better Off Dead simpering “I’m looking for a man with TRUE GRIT!” – I just couldn’t take it. Fast forward to my tirade. I did it, I tiraded, and then I forgot.  Until one day, a friend of mine posted a link on facebook to a review. And I was all The Coen Brothers? Jeff Bridges AND Josh Brolin?!!!  The mind boggles!!! The original, by the way, starred John Wayne and Glen “I’m a rhinestone cowboy” Campbell. AND THAT LADY FROM BETTER OFF DEAD! But this? This Coen brothers miracle? Starring Jeff Bridges and Josh Brolin?  And Matt Damon? Well, this I gotta see!  So, today? The Husband and I are looking for a man with true grit!

In a related coincidence, one of us changed the netflix queue last week so that one of the movies we received was Tombstone.  We thought it appropriate that we just make it a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy weekend and watched it this morning.  Yeehaw!!!