oh y’all. today is one of those days where I don’t want to write at all, which is exactly why I forced myself to commit to writing everyday, so that I will. I’m one of those folks who can’t not do something I’ve said I’ll do (well, except dieting – ha ha! cough.) so here I am, writing anyway. I feel so guilty and stupid being depressed – even saying that word, depressed, makes me feel like an asshole. So many people have so many things to be unhappy about, and me? I’m just a complainy complainerstein. Blame it on my genes. Blame it on society. Blame it on the rain (ha! at least I can still joke when I’m in a funk).  So, rather than blather about it all, I’m going to go grab the topic of the day for this postaday2011 junk and see where that leads me.  Hold please.

Share a Story. Huh. I can do that. Perhaps I’ll regale you with the action/adventure drama I like to call Yoga Toe. When I was attending Portland State University I decided to take a yoga class – it would be covered by my student loan so it was affordable, it was a way to get a little movement without actually exercising (which, I’ll admit, I hate) and I figured I could use some centering – a few moments of calm in my life.  So I signed up.  PSU doesn’t have a yoga studio so the class was held in the wrestling gym. If you have ever taken a yoga class you know that yoga is normally done barefoot, on sticky mats and typically on a hardwood floor. Wrestling, however, is done on spongy wrestling mats. Doing yoga on wrestling mats? Much different than doing yoga on sticky mat covered hardwood floors. I found it more difficult to balance, much more difficult to keep myself aligned and centered, and it smelled like sweaty gym socks. But, I pressed on.  One day near the end of the lesson our teacher asked us to perform a move that involves starting from downward dog (for the yoga virgins, downward dog is like touching your toes only your hands are in front of your body so you sort of resemble an upside down V- you know, like when a dog stretches), then jumping your feet through your arms so that you finish in a seated position with your legs stretched out before you and your hands at your sides. If you’d like to see a short video of the move, go here.  (Apologies for the excessive linking. I think it’s fun.)  I was a yoga novice, but I liked to try everything in class on the off chance that one day I’d surprise myself and be able to pull it off. I’m also notoriously clutzy – I’ve sprained my ankle while standing still (no, seriously).  So, as I tried this complicated move (trust me when I say it is more difficult than it looks, and that serious yogis have fantastic upper arm strength and a grace that I do not possess) my right baby toe somehow got hooked onto one of the wrestling mats. I heard a tiny snapping noise as I flew through the air and thought to myself  “Anjeanette, that ain’t good”.  As I landed the pain set in. THEN I made the mistake of looking at the toe to inspect the damage. *warning: if you are squeamish, then skip the next couple of sentences* My toe was pointing sideways, quite perpendicular to my foot. On instinct I reached down and quickly pushed it back into place. Bad move . I felt myself swooning – vision fading to black, bees buzzing in my head, sweat popping out on my forehead, stomach contents inching toward my throat. Luckily,  just at that moment the teacher invited us to lie down for shavasana (a meditation pose to end your practice where you lie flat on your back and concentrate on your breathing) so I slumped over quickly and willed myself not to vomit. By the time class ended I was no longer feeling faint and was somehow able to limp across campus and make it home.

And that my friends, is how I broke my toe doing yoga. Luckily, some good came of it. Yoga Toe aches when the weather is going to be particularly horrible, so I have a built in barometer.