it’s shit like this that makes me not want to change my last name. I know the rest of you, who have names like Sarah Johnson or Jennifer Smith are so accustomed to having a fafillion people with the same name as yours that it doesn’t really phase you – but my name is Anjeanette Alldredge, and I’m the only one. (oh fuck off. I know you’ve sat on the couch eating the remnants of a chocolate orange for dinner and googled yourself while YOUR husband was working late, so enough with the judging eyes).   I just married a guy, and I am totally planning on taking his last name (as soon as I can afford to get a copy of our marriage license and all the other BS that goes along with changing your name – whatever happened to the good ol’ days when once a guy purchased you from your dad you just stopped going by Miss Bennett and became Mrs. Darcy? man I’m a nerd), but then who is this effing Anjeanette Carter chic and why is she all up in everything?  No wonder people have been requesting me on facebook with little messages like “same chick, right?” or “are you the Anjeanette Carter who just started following me on twitter?” – to that second guy I totes rejected his friend request and messaged him back with a tart “nope – not me, I don’t tweet” – acuz I don’t. I am sooooooooo fucking tired of facebook that I just cannot bear the thought of having another stupid online thingamawhatsit to check on so I won’t do this twitter, I won’t!  Anyway – check her out. She’s alllll up in it. And AND she’s thinner and prettier than me. Sigh.