I don’t even want to be doing this today, and I don’t really have to since technically the year-in-the-life thing doesn’t start until January 1st, but here I am, forcing myself, just for practice. I was very grumpy at work today, and spewing venom, despite my best efforts not to. I keep telling myself I need to be more positive and not hate people so much (even though they do stupid STUPID things and spew their own venom that sinks it’s mean ol’ teeth into me like an effing rabid dog and drags me down), but some days it’s easier said than done. Anyway – I was kinda grumpy, and then my husband had to stay late (have I mentioned we work together? probably not. I should blawg all about that someday when I’m not tired and ready to turn in) and I came home and started reading this other blog that I’m suddenly obsessed with and I didn’t want to type mine. How boring for anyone who happens to stumble upon this entry. Oh well. I keep sneezing. I don’t think I’m sick, I’ve had this thing for most of the winter where I’ll sneeze for a whole day (which, by the way, is fucking excruciating when you have whatever-the-hell-is-wrong-with-my-back – I mean, I think pounding my fingers flat with a mallet would be less painful), and feel slightly feverish and think “oh boy, here it comes” and then it doesn’t. I believe it’s because of this weather, this rain, this place. This mold. This pollen. This place is TEEMING with flora and fauna and it’s kindof charming and beautiful but damn, sometimes when for the 19th day in a row the forecast calls for RAIN RAIN AND MORE RAIN!!! I being to wonder why I’m still here. But anyway – tomorrow at work might be worse than today at work, so I plan to answer my phone all day with: Buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color?