and by food thing, I mean binge eating. but seriously, not my fault. I mean, check this shit out. I mean, I know everybody has ranted about how the experts are always giving us conflicting information about food and health (eggs are good eggs are bad, carbs are good carbs are bad, eat some more fiber, sugar is killing us all etc etc et fucking c), but seriously?! How are ANY OF US SUPPOSED TO HAVE A NORMAL RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD OR OUR BODIES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD?!  Okay, sorry. Overuse of the yelling in all caps (I’M HAVING TROUBLE CONTROLLING THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE) – but I got up at 4am. Had to be to work at 5. It’s a whole big thing, about which I wrote a whole big blog but then I forgot to email myself and now I’m just typing willy nilly because who cares but really when you’re overtired you’re brain don’t work good. The point is, shut the fuck up about food Time Healthland and all of you for that matter until you have something worthwhile to say that isn’t going to scare the crap out of everyone and/or start some sort of a riot or force people to seek out cheese plates and consume them en masse. okay, I really should stop. But seriously, check out their little links to other ridiculous food articles – the titles are a crackup. Or am I just tired?

Can you get high on gingerbread? The truth about nutmeg. Sweet! I have a jar in the cupboard!

So I clicked on the nutmeg thing.

One anecdotal report: A drug-savvy friend of mine compares his one nutmeg high to being keelhauled by a freight train on a transcontinental run.

He’s so drug-savvy that he tried the whole get-high-on-nutmeg thing? Am I high right now? is this really on the internet? Is it really newsworthy? Who says drug-savvy?